Carrot cake, please!

Hello everyone, Of course, we couldn’t miss celebrating my son’s birthday without tasting a delicious homemade carrot cake. I know I promised you the recipe and here it is. I need to specify from the beginning that it doesn’t matter the sequence of the ingredients. I bake the carrot cake one day before assembling it, […]

Crackers with avocado paste

Hi everyone, We all know about avocado’s properties and how good is this fruit for our health. I’ve dedicated a special post regarding avocado oil here for cosmetic purposes: Now, I share with you another rapidly and healthy recipe, without spending too much time into the kitchen, like I said in my previous post. […]

Happy Easter everyone!

We have spring, we have dyed eggs, we have cheesecake, we have love! Romanian tradition says children must wear something new for Easter. I remember when I was a child going to church for Easter all dressed up with brand-new clothes. My mother and my grandmother raised me and my sister in this tradition and […]

Escape to Köln

One of the cities we’re in love with from Germany and feel it as part of our hearts is Cologne (Köln). And you will understand why, after reading this post.  We took the opportunity of the Catholic Easter holiday weekend to make an escape to this fabulous city for the third time. We’ve visited it […]

Vitamins and Colours

I’ve always said: “Life is too short to spend it into the kitchen”, but if you do, then cook something quickly and light, and of course, healthy. As Spring is in the air, all we need is more vitamins and Sun to revive ourselves.  I’ve never been a sensitive weather person, even more when I […]