Summer inspiration

Hi everyone, Last days of spring brought with them a lot of sunshine and high temperatures unusual, but grateful, for this period in Germany. So, I said yes to the lovely weather and opened the wardrobe to welcome my favourite season with summer colours that make you feel good. And as the sun suits perfect […]

Chic on the bike

Germany is among the top European countries encouraging people to ride a bike instead of driving a car. And when you have bike tracks across the city, bicycle parking everywhere, you have all the reasons for doing this thinking about two main things: health and environment. Here, you can see a lot of people on […]

First Steps

Hello everyone, First step is always important for each of us. It is about the impression you win in front of people: at work, at school, at kindergarten, on a date, on a business meeting, etc. My first post is about celebrating two important things for me and I’m glad I can share them here […]