Carrot cake, please!

Hello everyone, Of course, we couldn’t miss celebrating my son’s birthday without tasting a delicious homemade carrot cake. I know I promised you the recipe and here it is. I need to specify from the beginning that it doesn’t matter the sequence of the ingredients. I bake the carrot cake one day before assembling it, […]

Wonderful feelings

Being a new mom was not quite a new experience for me, as I had some idea how it is from my big nephew, Cosmin. But, it’s completely different when it’s your baby and you need to be there always. I thought I knew a lot when I got pregnant, but it wasn’t like this […]

Summer inspiration

Hi everyone, Last days of spring brought with them a lot of sunshine and high temperatures unusual, but grateful, for this period in Germany. So, I said yes to the lovely weather and opened the wardrobe to welcome my favourite season with summer colours that make you feel good. And as the sun suits perfect […]