Let’s celebrate in Amsterdam

Last days, as most of you know and sent me your good wishes, I have celebrated my birthday. Another wish on my list for this year was to celebrate my birthday in Amsterdam. Actually, it was on my list for two years, but we didn’t get to Amsterdam then, but to Groningen (another beautiful city I recommend to visit) and last year we just considered the baby was too little even for a short trip as we were just started the solid feeding. We live only three hundred kilometres away from Amsterdam, and this year nothing stopped us.

I come from Romania (Bucharest) where summer begins usually at the end of May and ends late in September. So, my birthday is synonym with summer,  sun and, of course, cherries since I was a child. I’ve hardly remember a cloudy or a rainy birthday of mine, that’s why it’s pretty unusual or a little bit weird for me wearing warm clothes or umbrella for my birthday. Groningen changed this view of mine two years ago, when it rained all day long and it was also very cold.

I wasn’t expecting a hot weather in Amsterdam, but it was a sunny day for my birthday, though before that there were two cloudy days, but no rain. 

Of course, we have made plans with the best sights and attractions in our short trip before we go. But Amsterdam is so beautiful and interesting, so it could take probably a month to visit it or at least one week to see the main attraction points. 

1 (1)

We began with a sightseeing tour of the city by bus from Central Station. You can also choose for both tours: sightseeing tour by bus and by boat. The tickets are available 24 hours. You can get off the bus and climb up in the boat anytime within the 24 hours. There are more than one hundred kilometres of canals in Amsterdam. The tour by bus lasts one hour and fifteen minutes with eleven stops to the main attraction points (Red Light District, Windmill de Gooyer, Gassan Diamonds, Jewish Cultural Quarter – Amsterdam Icebar, Royal Theatre Carre, Heineken Experience, etc).

1 (2).jpg

1 (3).JPG

1 (4).jpg

1 (5).jpg

1 (6).JPG

I do not recommend going by own car to visit the attractions. There are no parking places in downtown or they are limited to an hour or a few hours. We were looking around for more than one hour for parking. Rather you find a parking place for the bike than for the car.

There are trams, buses, metro very well connected to the interesting points. Tickets are available from one to seven days so you can enjoy unlimited travel day and night. Or, you can rent a bike anytime. Amsterdam is also called “the bike town”. You should walk carefully and watch out the bikes or scooters. It sounds weird, but the pedestrians give priority to bikes. They are high speeding riders.

1 (7).jpg

1 (8).jpg

After our journey by bus, we walked to downtown to the Central Station. We were very impressed by the Cuyperspassage, a tunnel from Amsterdam Central Station, which is “dressed” on one side and on the ceiling with blue tiles representing a Dutch spectacle at a central spot in Amsterdam. 

1 (9).jpg

1 (10)

Going down to old town for a coffee shop, you can see relaxed people playing cards in one of the coffee shops from there.

1 (11).jpg

1 (12).jpg

1 (13).jpg

1 (14).jpg

1 (15).jpg

Madame Tussauds museum is one of the top attractions in Amsterdam. We were lucky that there were just a few people waiting for visiting it. I understood that in holiday season it could be two hundred people waiting. Don’t go during the weekend, if it’s possible. We had a lot of fun with celebrities like George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Cage, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe or Elvis Presley. The list of celebrities is a long one and I hope you will discover yourself if you travel to Amsterdam.

I didn’t miss the chance for a short shopping tour and I was very impressed by the vintage shops. Even if you are looking for clothes, accessories or sunnies, you will certainly find something on your taste. And, of course, the prices are really reasonable. 


We ended our short trip with a relaxing walk in nature in Vondel park before we drive back home. Here, people are coming for a simple walk or just passing by on their ride by bikes or relaxing for a picnic on the green grass with a bottle of wine and fresh food or probably in their lunch break from the office. Definitely, they charge themselves with positive energy before they go back to work.

1 (18).jpg

1 (19).JPG

1 (20).jpg

1 (21).jpg

1 (22).jpg

1 (23).jpg

I tried to share with you a few of the amazing Amsterdam seen through my eyes in just three days we spent there and perhaps I raised your interest for your next holiday for those who haven’t seen it yet.

It was hard to select just a couple of pictures because Amsterdam is such a wonderful place. 

I do hope you had the patience to read the post till the end and don’t forget to leave me your feedback! 

I wish you to enjoy your holiday wherever you choose to spend it!

1 (24).jpg

1 (25).jpg

1 (26).jpg

1 (27).jpg

1 (28).JPG








One thought on “Let’s celebrate in Amsterdam

  1. Great photos. Looking forward to seeing Amsterdam, but haven’t planned the trip yet. What places for accommodation do you recomand, friendly for kids?


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