Wonderful feelings

Being a new mom was not quite a new experience for me, as I had some idea how it is from my big nephew, Cosmin. But, it’s completely different when it’s your baby and you need to be there always. I thought I knew a lot when I got pregnant, but it wasn’t like this at all. Basically, you learn how to be a mom with your baby’s help.

The hardest part for me was the rest. Then, the feeding, as he is a selective child when it’s about food.

I heard from my friends who became moms (though sometimes they thought that they would never be a mom) this is such a wonderful feeling and that they never believed they could experience so intense maternal feelings. You forget about the pains you had when you were in labor, as soon as you hold your baby in your arms. And I mean it.

My husband told me that we are so lucky to be parents and that God sent us our son. He also believes that not anybody becomes parent. And he is true. I remember perfectly the day we came home with Teo, our son, from hospital. I was watching him while sleeping in his bed, every movement, his breath…I could hardly leave the bedroom even for a few minutes… He taught me how he wants me to be as a mom… You just have to listen to your baby’s callings. At the beginning it was a period of mutual adaptation, then all came natural. Sometimes I was asked how do I know what baby wants. You just know, it’s your baby and you feel his needs. Then, the satisfaction is huge, rewarded with giggles and smiles every day. The fatigue just disappears when you see your baby giggling at you.

He gives me energy, he makes me laugh even if I’m upset, he turns me into a positive mood if I’m not. It’s amazing how wonderful feelings a baby brings in your life.

What kind of experiences did you have when you became moms? 




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