Crackers with avocado paste

Hi everyone,

We all know about avocado’s properties and how good is this fruit for our health. I’ve dedicated a special post regarding avocado oil here for cosmetic purposes:

Now, I share with you another rapidly and healthy recipe, without spending too much time into the kitchen, like I said in my previous post. It only takes five minutes to prepare and it’s perfect for a quick breakfast or a snack when you have guests. Believe me, it will be successful. And it’s perfect for kids, too. My son, who is an exigent when it’s about food, just loves it.

You need: 1 avocado, 1 shallot (or red onion), ½ lemon juice, 1 tomato, salt, parsley (optional), whole grain crisp bread.

Smash the avocado with the fork and then add ½ lemon juice,  finely chop the shallot and tomato cut into cubes (without pulp, otherwise it will be too juicy).








Parsley is optional, but I like more with, add salt and spread the paste over the whole grain crisp bread and here you’ve got a delicious and healthy breakfast  in five minutes prepared and ready to be eaten for the next five minutes.




Good appetite!



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