Chic on the bike

Germany is among the top European countries encouraging people to ride a bike instead of driving a car. And when you have bike tracks across the city, bicycle parking everywhere, you have all the reasons for doing this thinking about two main things: health and environment. Here, you can see a lot of people on the bicycle every day, from children to old people, regardless of the season.

I didn’t know to ride a bike until I came here. After a while, I started to wish learning to do this. And, last year I have received a bike as a birthday present from my husband. And I began to practise thinking that it will take a while until I’ll be able to ride the bike. But, it was a huge surprise both for me and for my husband, as I’ve learned pretty fast in two-three days, practising one hour to one hour and half a day, as we were walking with our son in the baby stroller, so basically we didn’t have too much time available. This is how I fell in love with my bike and I take it for a ride every time we have spare time in our family.

Now that the summer is knocking on the door, I suggest you an outfit to get you in the mood for the hot summer days to come, freshening you up with a glass of lemonade, wearing this beautiful white lemon print vintage dress with the cutest white pom-pom cardigan and nude suede pumps for a chic look and a white crossbody bag just fit in your favourite stuff.

Happy Weekend Everyone!












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