Avocado oil vs. coconut oil

During the pregnancy and after my son’s birth, my body passed through a lot of changes and all women know this. One of the unpleasant changes was facing with dry skin and dry hair, though my skin was a mixed one before. Another significant factor is the climate.

Of course, fruits and vegetables are essential, but you can also help your skin and hair with natural oils like avocado and coconut.


That’s how I did looking desperately for a solution in the shortest time possible. I have a baby to look after, but in the same time I have to take care of myself, too.

Here are some of my “secrets” which helped me to “recover” myself again.

First of all, I need to mention that avocado oil contains beta carotene, lecithin, fatty acids and vitamins like A, D and E which moisturize and protect the skin from UV rays and increase collagen metabolism.



You can use it by itself or mixed in your favourite skin cream.

Massage the oil on your skin or rub it on your face like scrub or add it to your shower cream.

You can use it instead of a body lotion if you have dry skin or add it into your favourite body cream and massage your skin daily or whenever you feel it to.

You can try a face mask from an avocado fruit cut into pieces, smashed and add a few drops of avocado oil. Mix together and apply the mask on your face for ten to fifteen minutes and then cleanse with warm water.

But avocado oil is also fitting for nourishing the hair. Apply avocado oil by itself or mixed with another essential favourite oil after washing and cleansing your hair. This helps the hair’s structure and in the same time increasing healthier and faster growth of new strands.


Coconut oil is made by extracting the oil from raw coconuts or dried coconuts kernels. It’s a solid oil which becomes liquid when heated.

The fatty acids in coconut oil can help to lose weight by reducing appetite.


Like avocado oil, coconut oil is also used for cosmetic purposes and to improve the health of the skin and hair moisturizing them. Apply coconut oil directly to the skin and hair. If you have oily skin, it’s better to avoid it.

Use coconut oil as a hair mask, leave it for thirty minutes and then shampoo your hair to remove the oil as usual. Or, apply a small amount to the ends of the hair for a healthy shine.

Coconut oil protects hair like a filter against hair damage and is also a sunscreen of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Use coconut oil as a leave-in treatment to repair split ends, moisturize your scalp, and add a healthy glow to your tresses.

It can also be used like mouthwash in killing some of the harmful bacteria in the mouth, improving dental health and reducing bad breath.

I really hope you found all these tips useful for your care.

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