First Steps

Hello everyone,

First step is always important for each of us. It is about the impression you win in front of people: at work, at school, at kindergarten, on a date, on a business meeting, etc.

My first post is about celebrating two important things for me and I’m glad I can share them here with you.

Once  is launching my blog which has been planned for a long time, but I couldn’t manage to make it real sooner as my spare time was limited since I became mother. Now, my baby boy is growing up quickly and I thought this is the most appropriate moment for doing this. Actually, I can confess that it was on my wish list for this year.

And the other  thing is a premiere for our son, Teodor (we call him Teo), who turned also 16 months a few days ago and he walked for the first time outside his first steps. He started walking five weeks ago easily by exploring the house and now we thought he was prepared for walking outside, too.  And he did it without going on hands and knees like he used to do it sometimes at home. He is a dogged kid and this is a big achievement for him. I’m sure those who have kids know exactly what I am talking about.

This way, I realized that “my first step” coincides with his first steps and I hope you enjoyed our first steps.

Though it’s March and everybody is looking for Spring, we had several frosty days (-10 degrees) here, in Germany, which is not a regular temperature for this place. Normally, the temperature is about 2-3 degrees in winter time, sometimes even 10 degrees. So, what can make you feel cozy and pretty on a such a frosty day than a dyed faux fur coat matched with a pair of vintage jeans and black suede boots.

If you want to discover more about fashion and beauty, lifestyle, parenting, I am waiting for you on my blog from now on.

The pictures were taken in our city we live in, Wilhelmshaven.



















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